Well-kept horse barn classifications

urlI have looked at many horse farms and I always bring along a sheet of paper with the following questions that I need to fill in. I bring this along so that later when I decide what farm I want to board I will have the different classifications and I can easily see which is the best fit for me and my horse.
*In this list I will be putting some classifications unique to hunter/jumper riders, but those can easily be changed for other disciplines*


  • Questions
  • Cost of board per month: $__
  • Daily turnout: yes/no
  • Private turnout: yes/no
  • Stall size: ___
  • Indoor ring: yes: size___
  • Hay: Round-bales/1st cutting/2nd cutting/3rd cutting
  • Grain: ___
  • Jumps provided yes/no
  • Barn hours: ___
  • Blanketing fees: ___
  • Extra amenities: ___(ex:washer/drier)
  • Extra costs: ___
  • Observations
  • Horses blanketed: yes/no
  • Have fresh water all day: yes/no
  • Have hay all day: yes/no
  • Horses healthy: yes/no
  • Dangerous things:___ (ex:rusty metals on the ground)